I love working with small businesses and employees to help get to the bottom of some of those pesky problems (like not having enough money and wanting to escape the rat race).

I bounced around a few different jobs, wound up in the oil fields of North Dakota, quit that game after a few months and moved home, fell in love, got married, and started building my little family’s dreams.

For a few years, I worked for a wage. I traded my time for a certain amount of money that my employer and I had agreed on. For a while, it was fun. Bringing home the bacon, not working rigorous hours, having some time to spend with my wife and little girl. But then the reality started to sink in.

Every two weeks on payday, we would sit down and split up the paycheck in the budgeting software.

One Wednesday, about a year into our marriage, I scrolled down to see how the ‘House Fund’ was growing.


Some quick math told me that it would be a short one thousand years before we hit our goal of paying cash for our house.


That’s when I knew something would have to change.

After some discovery, some leg work, and a whole bunch of hustle, I doubled the income I was making at my job in six months while working full-time at my job.

How’d that happen?

I did three things:

  • Figured out what abilities and resources I had (or could make) available
  • Determined where my abilities aligned with the market’s needs (what I could get paid for)
  • Hustled

I’ve put together a package that walks through the exact process I used to get from being poor and frustrated to being on track to pay cash for my first home before the age of 25.

Oh, and one more thing – Turns out, this makes a nice segway from working a job to taking the leap into entrepreneurship with little risk.

What the Package comes with:

  • The Discovery Walk-Through: This is a one-hour 1 on 1 conversation either locally or via Skype in which we walk through the first step of the process – finding out the abilities and resources you can make available (and we’ll touch on step 2 for some direction). There’s some leg work to do after this, so I’ll create a custom action guide and send it over to you so the next steps are clear.
  • The Alignment Walk-Through: After the leg work of the previous step is done, aligning the your abilities with the market’s needs in simplified. We’ll have another one-hour conversation to make sure we can put together a concrete action guild for getting your product (or service) to market. Again, I’ll put together an action guide and make sure you’re on the right track.
  • The Hustle: This is where the fun begins. You’re going to be doing the work here, but I’ll be acting as a coach and accountability partner, as well as a resource for your marketing and motivational needs. Cause I know what it’s like to get stuck, frustrated, fed up, and discouraged. I’ll be here to remind you why you’re doing this, and the best steps moving forward. I’ll deliver this portion through an awesome project management app called Trello. This will be a once-a-week check-in with you via either email or a 15-minute phone call. This section lasts six weeks after The Alignment Walk-Through. At the end of the six-week period, we’ll do a reassessment to see if you need to extend my involvement in The Hustle on an hourly basis.
This whole package: $900.00


$300.00 up front with monthly payments of $100 for six months.

If you’re looking to get a side-hustle running to bring in the extra income, segway from a job to a dream, or just build a business to make an impact in the world, let’s have a conversation!

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