A few thoughts on finding your passion


I occasionally get asked about finding a passion. I like these questions, but often, I don’t feel like I give a very clear cut answer. That being said, here’s a few thoughts on how to identify your passion and turn that into cash.

But first, why do we care? Why do people ask about passion?

Here’s five reasons:

  1. “I’m sick and tired of doing work that I don’t enjoy”
  2. “There must be more to life than this”
  3. “I feel like I have more to offer”
  4. “I’m tired of getting stepped on”
  5. “I don’t want to wait until I retire to do what I want to do all day”

Finding your passion

Before the tactics, passion is defined as ‘a strong and barely controllable emotion.’ If you have a  barely controllable emotion around a certain subject or issue, you can do incredible things with that. There’s an energy that begins to flow when you work on something you genuinely care about. That energy permits commitment to the project, and commitment warrants incredible results.

As far as tactics go, the internet is thick with material on helping you find your passion – much of it far better than anything I could hope to write. But here’s some brain food for you to chew on while you consider how to find your passion:

  • What did you like when you were a kid? Before society put it’s damper on your dreams, what did you love? What did you care about, stay up late doing, read books about, and dream about at night? Not that you should be a third grader, but these can be good cues.
  • What is your natural skill-set? Let’s say you are good at graphic design. Currently, you work for a screen-print shop where you’re their ‘lead graphic designer.’ If it’s like most shops, you simply do what the customer tells you. Truth be told, most customers that use screen-print shops are terrible designers (myself being one of them). What would happen if people strictly bought what you decided to design? If you could do what you’re good at with no one barking orders at you all day, would you be able to care a lot more?

Passion into profit

At the end of the day, most of the people that ask me about passion are looking to get out of their current situation and into something they actually enjoy. So the follow-up question is “how do I turn that into income?”

Here’s a simple formula:

What you’re passionate about + what the market needs = a business opportunity

If you can pin-point that convergence, you’ll be in business tomorrow. All you need to know is what it is that you’re able to provide, and a market that is ready and willing to pay.

I know. I make it sound easy. But I’m beginning to think that it might be easier than we cut it out to be.

If we can understand the needs of a market that is able and willing to pay, we’ve only to collect the check.

Did you like this post on passion? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts!


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