Super popular folks don’t make people successful

I couldn’t believe it. Pat Flynn had just liked my tweet to him..!

I was brand new to Twitter, and just getting the hang of it. Over the next few days as I became more proficient at the fine art of Tweeting, I began to realize something: Lots of the popular entrepreneurs and authors I followed interacted with me directly. If I commented, they would reply. If I said something funny or thanked them for something, they’d give me a Like.

Folks like Jon Acuff, Jeff Goins, Chris Guillebeau,  Dane Maxwell, and Chris Ducker were all responding to my questions and comments on their tweets and photos.

Then I found out about an event going on this weekend called World Domination SummitTickets for the event sell out months in advance, so I didn’t have a chance to get one. So this morning, I decided to try my hand at taking the unconventional route to meet some of the people mentioned above who were speaking at the event.

When I arrived, there was several tables and chairs set up in a closed street which apppeared to be a courtyard area. No one was around, with the exception of two gentlemen who, from my perspective, were skipping the main event altogether. I wrestled with myself for a few minutes, wondering if I should approach the guys at the table. Finally, I meandered toward them, trying to make eye contact to show my interest in talking with them.

“Sit on down”, one of the kindly gentlemen said, waving a hand at the empty chair. “I’m Derek, and this is Scott.” I introduced myself, and glanced down at their name-tags. I’m not sure if my heart stopped or if it beat so fast that it felt like constant pressure. One was Scott H Young, a blogger and life-long learner. The other was Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby. Eventually, we were joined by Benny Lewis, author of Fluent in 3 Months

After listening in to their conversation for quite some time, I meandered over a table where Jon Acuff was doing a book signing. Met him and his wife Jenny. We talked, did some hugs, I was sure to give them a Susan B. and I got a signature in my new book. Boom. That was amazing.


My parking ticket was minutes from expiring, so I hustled a few blocks back to my rig. After battling Portland traffic for a few minutes, I was back on the open freeway where I began to taper down to a regular heartbeat.

And then it hit me: I’m no richer, smarter, healthier, or better off than I was yesterday.

That is, unless I use the inspiration I got from meeting these folks as motivation to act. To take another step. To battle resistance and gain momentum.

Super popular people provide us with lots of tactics and inspiration to build better businesses, better relationships, gain more followers, inspire more people.

Tactics can be learned, but Action is up to us.

Go. Do.

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