My generation takes (and deserves) a lot of heat for our lack of respect


The way I see the world, respect doesn’t only mean revering someone for their actions, status, or title. Respect also means giving liberty. Giving others the liberty to see the world differently than me.

One of the strong themes of the Industrial Age was the societal pyramid. Either you were at the top, middle class, or po’ folk. Occasionally, we’d hear stories of po’ folk that clawed their way to the top through lots of school, obeying the rules, and working by the playbook.

The age of Connection has (to a large degree) leveled the playing field. Now, working by the new playbook allows even my generation to pull off some pretty respectable acts. The new playbook demands connection, human interaction, and generosity.

If you want to win today, spend lots of time thinking about how well you’re doing this.

The way I see the world, it’s the only way to win (and the only reason to wake up).

If you don’t see it this way, I will still respect you. But I would ask for some liberty of my own.

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