“Buy local if you’re compelled to!”


As I putter down the main drag through town, I notice a little sign in the window of a pool and spa supply shop. In big, bold letters the sign reads: “Buy Local!”

Instantly I’m reminded of a distinction that was pointed out to me a while back by my good friend Kevin Donahue (we’re not really good friends, we’ve just messaged a few times. So it’s almost like he’s a bosom pal. That’s weird). The distinction Kevin made was between convincing and compelling. If I try to convince you to buy something, it’s for my reasons. If I compel you, it simply means I painted a picture so clear for you that you’re willing to give up the money in your pocket to get it.

Everywhere we go, we’re selling. When we ask someone to marry us, we’re selling. When we need to borrow a friend’s pickup, we have to sell him on the idea (tough sale sometimes). When we write a really good book, it becomes a bestseller.

How are your sales? Are you screaming to the prospects “Buy from me!”? 

Determine one area in your selling that you could swap a convince tactic with a compel tactic.

Let me know how it works for you in the comments!


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