I’m a writer, but it’s not because I write better than you

Power of Words

You haven’t seen a post from me in several days, and it’s because I’ve been arguing with myself.

Every morning when my alarm goes off, I bicker with my lizard brain. Here’s how it goes:

Lizard: ‘Agh.. Wow I’m tired. Can’t believe it’s morning already.’

Me: ‘I guess I should get going so I can get a post out before work!’

Lizard: ‘Maybe I can wait until my second alarm in fifteen minutes. Then I’ll feel all rested up.’

Me: ‘That’s absurd. Fifteen minutes of sleep is never going to actually make a difference. Just get up and write the post.’

Lizard: ‘They don’t need another ramble about my thoughts on business. Just give me fifteen minutes…” *falls back asleep*

This dialogue takes about six seconds. Maybe less. It’s incredible how fast the narrative plays out.

So what’s the difference between the past several mornings and this morning?

I got up.

It didn’t have anything to do with inspiration, an overabundance of sleep, nobody asked me to, I’m not making money at it.

The only difference is that I was able to turn the narrative around for long enough to get my pants on. Once my pants are on, it doesn’t pay to get back in bed, you know?

One of my favorite bloggers has to be Jeff Goins. Here’s what he has to say about becoming a writer (Hint: It’s bad news).

If you’re like 79% of folks, I haven’t provided a compelling enough reason for you to click the links above. That’s okay. What you need to know from the article is this:

I once asked best-selling author Steven Pressfield, “When does a writer become a writer?” He said: “When you say you are.”

Hence the click-bait title for my post this morning. It has nothing to do with my great grammar, punctuation, subtle humor, outstanding citations, or my overwhelming talent with the English language – it’s just that I sat down this morning and wrote.

Think that’s great? Apply the quote above to whatever it is that you want to do.

If you want to be something, you have to do something.

Did you like this morning’s post about my troubles with writing? You might like this one on overcoming tough situations!


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