Attempt at getting rejected: Pat Flynn coffee meetup

I heard an amazing podcast about dealing with rejection, and being able to move forward in spite of getting shut down by others. If you hate getting shut down like I do, take an hour and give it a listen.

Pat Flynn (the host) is a great guy who had been very successful in the online space using transparency, honesty, and a whole bunch of guts to create amazing stuff. He’s been able to make a massive splash in the world while building a family-focused life (if you’ve read my blog, this may sound like something I’m aiming to do). Here’s his total knock-out site. Be warned: It may consume you for hours with all the excellent content.

So here’s my rejection-attempt game plan:

1. I just recorded a selfie-video introducing myself and gave a brief rundown of what I was doing and why. Then I asked him out for coffee (I’m currently in Southern Cali, a few hours from San Diego where he lives). It was crazy how hard it was to turn on the camera, look myself in the eye, and hit record.

2. Before I recorded it, I made up my mind to only take one shot. I’m too prone to attempting perfection. I just had to tell myself that successful people don’t make perfect stuff. They ship stuff.

3. I’m going to post the video up to Pat’s Facebook page and see what happens.

I’m not sure what to expect. I don’t know if he’ll notice, or watch it, or reply. It might get taken down as spam. I really don’t know.

I’m just trying to get rejected. Trying to stick my neck out far enough to see if it really does hurt as bad as my lizard brain thinks it does.

Oh, and if I’m optimistic, it’d be totally rocking awesome to have coffee with Pat. 🙂

So, without getting you too involved in who my personal mentors/inspirations are, I wanted to tune you in to what I was up to so you could watch from the sidelines and be inspired, motivated, and maybe even rejected.

I’ll update you on the results!

Are you willing to do something that might get you rejected?

Like this post on my rejection experiment? I’m excited to see how it pans out!


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