Why I don’t believe in airport price gouging

My little family and I are flying out for a breather this week. I thought I was funny and told some customers in the days leading up to our trip to Southern California that I had to go get my farmer’s tan fixed.

We wrestle our way through the pat-down specialists in the blue suits, send the laptop through the x-ray machine a second time, put our clothes back on and are on our way to our gate.

Spotting a Pepsi cooler in a sub shop with some ice cold bottled water makes my wife and I immediately thirsty. An aside: I usually drink waay too much black coffee in the morning, and not only end up with terrifically powerful breath, but also wind up parched as a Saltine cracker in Dubai.

We grab some water, and the cashier rings us up. $2.00 even. We head to our gate. I pull out the laptop while we wait to board, and begin to ponder today’s post content, and how to make it relevant and valuable to you, my readers.

I came up with this: I don’t believe in airport price gouging.
Maybe I should word that with different emphasis: I don’t believe airports price gouge.

The airport gets to charge what they want. I don’t have to be surprised by the higher prices. To me, it’s a matter of expectancy. If I wake up and head to the airport one morning, I can expect to pay $2.00 for a water, $7.00 for a sandwich, and $25.00 for earbuds. I can expect to stand in lines, have a dead phone, and maybe even hit some traffic on the way down.

It goes without saying that there are things we can do to prevent this stuff. Leave earlier, bring a water bottle, and carry a phone charger. That’s obvious.

But what about other areas of our life? What about our job, our relationships, our vehicle, our bank account? What about our schedule, our eating habits, our sleep deprivation issue?

During a great, short conversation with a friend yesterday, we briefly talked about the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

If you’ve read this blog before, you may have picked up on my service = rewards theme. What we are willing to put in, we will see come out.

Like this post on flying and expectancy? You might like this story of a guy who has mastered the rewards = service theme! 


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