Teddy from Costco isn’t the CEO

If you live in the Vancouver, Washington area and have ever been to Costco, you probably have seen this sharp-looking chum around. If not, here’s an article about him that will bring you up to speed, even though it was written a few years ago.

Here’s a few observations about Teddy:

1. He isn’t the CEO. He signs receipts and runs a cash register.

2. He sings. Using the voice he’s got, he belts out a melody that can be heard over the rattle of a misaligned cart wheel.

3. He smiles. At everyone. Positive attitude, uplifting to be around. He actually brings happiness to the folks who shop Costco. He’s even friendly to people who buy those big barrels of cheese balls.

4. Teddy from Costco Vancouver, WA, a private Facebook fan page currently has 4,807 members. Whoa. That’s 5x the number of people I personally know. 

I’m always impressed with people like Teddy. Not only with his singing voice and his excellent highlighter wielding, but because he’s owning his station in life. He knows he’s a clerk at Costco, and he’s making a splash at it. It has nothing to do with Costco or getting paid more or selfish motives. It has to do with using what he has to make a difference in the world where he is.

The rewards we are so desperately looking for will be at our door when we give up ourselves in the service of others.

How can you Teddize your work?

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21 thoughts on “Teddy from Costco isn’t the CEO

  1. If you get a chance, talk to Teddy about where he came from and who he credits for his success at being an excellent employee and a friend to all. He is one of the most amazing humans I know, and his voice is terrific too.


  2. I’ve spent ten minutes talking to Teddy at a Little League game in which Teddy was signing the National Anthem, (if I recall correctly). He gave me one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. He told me, “God never thinks your prayers are trivial. He loves that you talk to Him about anything.” Thanks Teddy!


  3. Teddy is amazing!!! We are at his Costco at least once or twice a week and nine times out of ten we get the chance to interact with him. And we love it and we love him!!! Please keep the smile on your face and we love to hear you sing!!! Thanks for all the smiles Teddy!!


    1. Thanks, Jane! I believe we all have the option to become as great of employees and coworkers as we wish to at our own work places, if we take Teddy’s example and decide to 🙂


  4. Teddy is a magnificent person. He always says, “God bless you” when he checks your groceries as you go out the door. I now live in AZ, but will never forget Teddy. I have prayed for him many times though out the years.


  5. Yes Teddy, you are such an inspiration . Look forward to hearing you sing every time we come in . Seems like you sing more around the holidays. But maybe it is because we shop more. Arlo


  6. He gives GOD the glory for his life his humble beginnings, and all the wonderful people that call him friend and brother. He was given help by Goodwill and became a spokesman for them. He’s so full of love, always give him a big hug and he always asks about my kids and family. He has blessed me with so much, in so many ways. I can never repay his friendship. He’s a miracle of God’s great love, and went thru his recent illness with grace and thanksgiving.


  7. Whenever I have the blessing to see (and hear his beautiful voice) it lifts my day. I feel blessed just to have a moment to say hello or to catch his smile!! He is truly an inspiration. I am so glad to see this article about this outstanding Christian man! Keep on smiling and keep on singing for all of us, Teddy


  8. Teddy for sure knows his calling & practices Ep 6:13, for that matter the whole chapter 🙂 .His SMILE is contagious and His upbeat attitude is the formula for Success 🙂 , Please keep them Pipes humming my Brother.


  9. Teddie is the reason I go to Costco in Vancouver. I donate more since learning his story.Beautiful voice. God bless you and your family.


  10. Yes to all this. Teddy is a great guy, who has come through some difficulties to make his life a joy, and ours a bit more joyful. Doe gratias!


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