The not-so-jolly chum who refused to make a sale

As I pulled up to the closed gate, a orange-vested man was dragging a few traffic cones and dropping them in place in front of the gate. He didn’t even look up when I pulled up. I saw an exit-only sign by a second gate, with one side still swung open. I decided to test my luck and try to get in. It worked!

As I wandered the store seeking my two items, I was thankful that I had gotten in just in time. I had driven a good way to grab a couple things from this place, and I knew they always closed shop when they said they would, if not a few minutes before.

I didn’t realize how crazy they were about it until I was standing in the checkout line.

There were a few people queued up in front of me, so I patiently waited my turn. Presently, a lady in her early forties entered the front door and headed for aisle 6. Chuckie (we’ll call him), sweat beading on his face from spending the day on the forklift, got up from the punch clock desk and walked to the door of the office he was in. “Ma’am?” he said to the lady who had just entered the store. The lady didn’t seem to hear him. Chuckie started walking after her. “Ma’am!” She turned around with a questioning look. “We’re closed.”

I exchanged a look of disbelief with the wanna-be customer who, without saying a word, headed for the door. Chuckie just turned around and began telling a fellow employee how he was dreading getting up early to be at work at 7:30 the next morning.

It’s these experiences that make me realize how low the customer service bar has been set. How easy would it be to stand out as a coworker, employee, or business owner if we cared?

Like this post about the guy who wouldn’t work a minute past 5:30? Here’s why I think he’s crazy for doing so!


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