Goal-setting, mindset, and other cliches that I like

A few weeks ago, my wife and I wrote down some goals. This is the first time we’ve sat down with a blank sheet of paper and a ballpoint pen and wrote. The results have been somewhat astonishing, to be honest.

I could probably track back on the blog and find some post from way back in which I advocated the writing of goals, and some other fluffy content that was probably written one early morning before I actually woke up. But I wanted to share some of the thoughts I’ve had since our writing session.

A few things that surprised me:

  • The act of writing down goals tied me to them – Simply put, actually penning the words and having them stare back at me brings a level of commitment that surpasses that of a dream
  • They have begun to change my mindset – Knowing the notepad is sitting on the desk, knowing that we had a concrete conversation about our life, knowing it’s not all going to be easy has begun to ease my mindset. Rather than staring at the paper and thinking “we’ll never be able to save up that much,” I’ve tried to see how other’s have achieved the same end and adjust my thinking accordingly. Trying to think like a person who has already won has freed me up to figure out how they did it (and what I need to do from where I’m sitting).
  • I might not reach them – This was the most surprising part to me. I’ll be alright if I don’t reach my goals. In light of the previous point, I’m more concerned that my mindset changes than I am about actually having that vehicle or buying that house.

Defeating the fear that holds us back puts us in a better position to reach higher, previously unattainable goals.

Consider this: For me to write a check for a 2015 GMC Denali is an absurd thought. For a millionaire, it’s another day in the life. But for that same millionaire, the thought of buying the Detroit Tigers (valued at some $650 million) is equally as insane as me buying the pickup. It has nothing to do with the dollar amount. It has to do with the mindset.

Are you willing to write down your goals and prove (or disprove) my theory? If so, comment below and let me know you did!


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