My thoughts on getting called a nasty name by a customer

Last week, I went to do some landscaping repair work (I don’t just do charitable repair work; I work for a landscaping company).

Upon arriving at the home I was to work at, I jumped out of the pickup and made tracks for the doorbell, scoping out the project along the way.

Reggie (we’ll call him that) opened the door and invited me in to come through the house to the back yard. I took off my shoes, and wound my way through the living room to the back door. We stepped outside and made our way to the sidewalk.

Without getting into heavy landscaping terms, let me try to explain what we were looking for: we always install two in-ground, green irrigation boxes. You’ve probably seen them at the park or at your own place. As it turned out, I arrived at the edge of the sidewalk where there should’ve been two boxes among the rocks, and there was only one.

“Hmm..” I said (if that’s something you can say). I began to scrape my foot around in the rock, and within three seconds had located and uncovered the missing box.

Usually, at this point in the game, the homeowner says something like “you found it already? Great!” or “Wow, that was fast. I should’ve looked there!” But not Reggie.

Reggie just swore.

What he called the guys that had done this wicked deed, I won’t repeat on this blog. But when he did, I just looked up at him and said “Excuse me? This was me and my crew that did this.” He kind of stepped back and mumbled something, and I went back to work uncovering the box.

As we went back through the house, Reg tried to explain his frustration by saying that he’d found a bunch of things wrong with his house since his purchase a few months ago. This was evident to me by the little blue tape shreds on the walls next to discrepancies that were not visible to my naked eye. Maybe he has super cool laser vision.

The reason I wanted to make a post about this isn’t to poke fun at Reggie. Quite the contrary, actually. Understand, I’m not a fan of being called names, inadvertently or otherwise. But it made me sad that he had said that. Here was a school bus driver in his early fifties who had totally blown over one of the most powerful laws in nature: we reap what we sow. And one of the worst ways to get things done is to swear at the guy who is serving you.

What an advantage we have over those who haven’t come to realize and practice this!

When we are servants in our business, work, and relationships, the opportunities tend to just show up. When we can be done staring at our own navels and figure out some way to serve, our work is fulfilling, our relationships stronger, and our business grows like a weed.

And the most amazing part? It’s up to us to decide.

What can you do to increase your service today?

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