How to get people to like you: A brain dump on friendly interactions

Have you ever met someone who, as soon as you started talking to them, you were at ease, the conversation flowed, and you went away feeling amazing?

Most of us have. So, maybe the real question is ‘have you ever wondered why that happened?’

It’s because some folks have invested the time to figure out how to be likable; how to be a great conversationalist. Most importantly, they probably made the decision to adopt all of that because they cared enough about someone else.

I found this great article in which Eric, the blogger, interviews Robin Dreeke, former head of the FBI’s Behavior Analysis Program. And rather than doing a little book report on the article, I’ll let you read it and come to your own conclusions.

I’ve talked about it in a previous post, but I wanted to stress this point again: It’s our service that gets us the results we seek. So when we think about getting people to like us, we need to check out our service department to see how we’re doing. Every company, employee, employer, parent, and child that is seeing results they seek is investing in their service department.

If we’re a Me Monster, always fulfilling our agenda to serve ourselves, all the tactics on body language and conversation won’t gain us any traction in getting people to like us. Once we realize the service part, we can learn the skills laid out in Eric’s article. Once we learn the skills, we can rock the socks off of potential clients, business acquaintances, and new-found friends.

It’s a noble cause, this service of others. We’ve only to make up our minds to do it.

Like this post on service and likability? Let me know of one way you got what you were looking for by serving others today!

P.S. That last line almost could’ve been Shakespeare. Oh well, I said it first.


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