My really poor morning ritual

My bed is not particularly comfy as a mattress and sheets. But at 4:00 am when the alarm bids me awake, it’s a warm and friendly paradise for my droopy eyelids.

Weird little bit about my bed.

Once I pry myself out of bed (sometimes, like this morning, it can be an hour later before I eventually decide to quit being a silly boy and just get up), I do the toothbrush gig. Life has not been friendly to me when it comes to morning breath. I run to the Keurig and slip in a K-cup, hoping the caffeine will work a little magic on my eyelids. Once the coffee is ready, I make my way to the corner desk in the living room/office.

Seated in my swivel chair, coffee in hand, I am ready to conquer today’s blog post. And so with everything perfect, I log on, click ‘New Draft’, and do what any professional would do:

I stare.

I literally lean back in my swivel chair and stare at the blank screen. Sometimes for two minutes, sometimes for twenty or longer! Eventually I come to the conclusion that I might as well type something because the only thing worse than terrible writing is a blank screen.

I find that once the words are coming off the fingers, even if they have nothing to do with the blog or post, they have the ability to inspire. To inspire better, pertinent writing. So I erase everything I’ve written, and start over with fresh material that will better serve you (I hope), my audience.

My final trick that I use occasionally is blasting out a couple of pushups to get some blood flowing. Not a new trick, but it’s one that has helped for me.

I’d like to get into a morning routine. I’m not a very structured guy in general, and mornings are where it really kills me. I believe that having a routine in place to keep me in line would work wonders for setting the tone for the day.

I will keep you posted on the results of my testing what works and what doesn’t.

Thanks for letting me be your crash test dummy!

Like this post on morning routine? Stay tuned for posts that have real results!


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