Five half-thruths we tell ourselves that stop us from doing something hard

  1. “I’m not skilled enough to do this.”
  2. “I’m not smart enough to know if this will work.”
  3. “I’m scared.”
  4. “No one will like it and I’ll look dumb.”
  5. “I need more experience before I can do this.”

The reason these are half-truths (or half-lies, if you want to go that route) is that there’s some truth to them. Maybe we aren’t smart enough to carry a project from start to finish with zero assistance. Maybe no one will like it. Maybe we tell ourselves we’re scared and then we get scared. But these are only stories that we use to try to convince ourselves to back down, do our job, and for goodness sake, don’t make a ruckus.

Here’s a few instances that we tell ourselves these stories:

  • Just before public speaking
  • Just before starting a business
  • Just before asking that cute girl on a date
  • Just before making an investment that ins’t too good to be true
  • Just before the big job interview
  • Just before a hard conversation at work
  • Just before we publish a blog post

When you decide to do work that you care about, take into account the criticism and apprehension you’ll receive from yourself, as well as from others. Brace yourself for the barrage, and for the sake of your important work, clear your dry, scratchy throat and get to work. If you can do that (which you can, if that’s what you decide to do), the hardest part will be done and you can get to the yummy parts.

Liked this post on lump-in-your-throat situations? Leave a comment below with your own story of how you did something hard and if you survived or not!


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