The jack-of-all-trades and master of none is out of work

For many years, the jack-of-all-trades could get work. The handyman was in demand, because he could clean the gutters, fix the dryer, paint the bathroom, and wash the patio. One call did it all. Where the handyman got caught in a tight place was when Google came around. Google lets me find a gutter cleaner and an appliance medic in six seconds. Not only that, but my peers have given raving reviews on the appliance guy, I have all his contact info, and with a tap of a button and another six seconds, he answers and we have an appointment.

That’s not to say I couldn’t find the handyman on Google if I tried, but what it allows me to do is narrow down my search so far that the handyman is long since forgotten.

Niche examples that might blow your mind:

  • Getting married and need some dainty handkerchiefs? Bumblebee Linens has just what you need (and they made $100K their first year in business)
  • Use SketchUp for 3D modeling? This site has tips and tricks and even a podcast on the program to help you use it better
  • Are you really into scrapbooking? Layout A Day is packed with resources, products, and free stuff for scrapbookies

Narrowing down our value proposition could be the biggest step toward our goals since deciding to launch.

If you took stock of your current offering (as an employee or business owner), would words like ‘everyone’ or ‘everything’ crop up? If so, take an hour and a sheet of paper, make a list of attributes of your ideal customer, and then try to turn down every potential client who doesn’t fit that cut. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you realize you like your customers and they rave about you and your phenomenal service.

It’s about ignoring Mrs. Mickey and investing in the people you keep.

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