An itty bitty Civil War

Lately, I’ve been having mixed feelings about my blog. It’s a bit of a civil war within concerning the design of the site and the content.

Because I have a schedule to keep, work to do, projects to finish, and a family to see, my blog sees a pretty small slice of my time commitment. Usually a few early mornings per week are devoted to putting out a post, which often results in an early bedtime that evening.

Where I’m getting hung up is this: What value should I place on putting out good content, as opposed to investing time into the overall look and feel of the blog? Because I have a limited time commitment (and I’m certainly no wizard with WordPress design), I keep asking if I should I invest time in learning and redesigning the site, or continue writing content for you, my awesome readers?

I made an attempt at hiring a freelance designer from fiverr to help me revamp the look, but ran into an issue when I was informed the designer I hired only worked on self-hosted WordPress sites (that’s for another blog post).

So I’ll leave the question here: Which is more important in building a brand – swell content or beautiful design?

I’d love it if you weighed in with your thoughts on this!


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