Big brands, big budgets, but still missing the boat

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl, or Labor Day weekend, we see big brands pushing advertisements for all they’re worth. Facebook, TV, Google, newspapers, and magazines are all bursting at the seams with things for us to buy ‘this season.’ What the Director of Marketing at big brand companies doesn’t realize (or denies for job-security reasons) is that advertising doesn’t work the way it used to. Companies that are growing today aren’t interrupting and attempting to persuade us; they are connecting people, telling a story, and putting more emphases on their brand (and what it stands for) to make sales.

If you’re in the business of selling (which, I would venture to guess you are in some way, shape, or form), focus on telling people about what your brand stands for. If you can do this successfully, the sales will take care of themselves.


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